David’s Drinking Band specializes in bluegrass and drinking songs. They will lead you around Dixieland, up to good old Rocky Top Tennessee, and back down to the river to pray all in pursuit of a jar of moonshine whiskey. The band is comprised of hard driving, hard drinking members who sing like angels and pick like demons. DDB’s revivalist sound incorporates classic 3 part bluegrass harmonies and features guitar, mandolin, banjo, and double bass.
Their set is comprised of material drawn from Southern Gothic Mythology, Biblical imagery, and traditional Bluegrass and American fiddle standards, while also incorporating songs which explore the simpler side of having a cheap good time at the expense of good judgment. The Devil appears constantly in their material, emerging from the deep to torture and tempt sinners of all shapes and sizes against the backdrop of deep rural backwoods. No matter what the story, David’s Drinking Band rips into it with the fervor of the damned and the honesty of those who’ve suffered the consequences of a wild night or two.
Though mischievous, the members of DDB are well-versed in their genre and proficient both vocally and instrumentally. They will surprise you with their tight 3-part bluegrass harmonies, delight you with such original classics as “Even Jesus Drank Wine,” and leave you wondering where all your beer and whiskey has gone in the morning. 

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(Art by Cate Andrews)

Stanwood Fair 

We just had a great time playing The Stanwood Camano Fair! While we were there we discovered it's impossible to take a nice band picture. Mostly because of photobombing janitors.